Which Travel Insurance to Choose in Canada ?

After the Covid-19 crisis, travel insurance has become more popular than ever. Canadian travelers saw the disruption the pandemic caused to their travel plans and their wallets.
This guide will help you find out what travel insurance to choose in Canada. It also explains what it covers  and how it can protect your travel plans.


World Nomads: The go-to for Thrill-Seekers


For those obsessed with adrenaline and a desire to travel, World Nomads offers a wide range of activities, adventure sports, volunteer or work-related experiences, along with sports equipment loss, delay, or theft. It also provides access to an emergency hotline 24/7 that offers information adventurers could require: weather updates to information to help find the nearest trail or gear store. The standard policy covers emergency medical expenses up to $5 million, emergency dental, trip cancellation, interruption or delay, baggage delays, theft, damage, and more. The disadvantage is that you must not be older than 66 to be eligible.


Canadian travel insurance


CAA Travel Insurance: The Family-friendly


CAA is a trusted Canadian institution. They offer flexible travel plans that can fit any vacation plan. However, their policies are especially suitable for families. The stand-alone emergency policy that covers up to $5,000,000 in medical coverage includes medical repatriation, emergency dentistry, and reimbursements for pet care, kenneling, and other benefits. The Vacation Package Plan provides complete cancellation or interruption insurance which is the best choice for all-inclusive travel packages. It also includes family transportation and escort of children during emergencies. CAA members receive a 10% discount on all CAA travel insurance.

CAA’s new emergency medical plans now cover COVID-19-related illnesses. It is for clients who have been vaccinated and are traveling during a Government-issued third-level (avoid non-essential) travel advisory. If you are partially vaccinated, coverage is available for up to $2.5million, and if you are fully vaccinated, up to $ 5 million.

CAA travel insurance


Blue Cross: For Our Seniors and Retired


Blue Cross is a Canadian travel insurance company that has been in existence for over 70 years. Blue Cross offers emergency medical coverage up to $5,000,000 and special “snowbird” travel insurance packages for Canadians who travel to warmer climates every year. This makes Blue Cross a great option for retirees. The package also includes the newly launched Serenity Service, which is a complimentary perk that offers a variety of benefits in the event of a delayed flight. It includes access to an airport lounge and a hotel room depending on the duration of the delay. Pre-existing conditions generally are not covered.


Blue Cross travel insurance


Travel CUTTS Bon Voyage Insurance: For Those On A Budget


Travel CUTTS Bon Voyage Insurance offers extremely affordable travel packages starting at $1.36 per day. It makes it the go-to travel insurance policy for many. The company designed this package for students so that they can swap travel dates if their exam schedule conflicts. Nonetheless, anyone can buy a policy between the ages of 15 and 50. The standard package adds hospital and medical coverage of up to $1 million, air ambulance evacuation, dental care, air accidents, accidental death or dismemberment, and trip interruption or cancellation insurance. Extreme sports and thrill adventures are also covered.


Travel cuts travel insurance


Manulife CoverMe: For Travellers With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions


Manulife offers comprehensive travel insurance plans for group travelers like families, visitors to Canada, or students. It also provides access to the “TravelAid” mobile application. The app offers directions to the nearest medical facilities and emergency phone numbers. The most distinctive feature is “TravelEase,” which is a policy that covers fully declared medical health conditions. For those with pre-existing medical conditions, it covers the cost of medical services and transportation. It also offers up to 10 million dollars in emergency medical coverage – an unbeatable benefit in travel insurance


Travel Insurance to Choose in Canada


Medipac Travel Insurance: Ideal For Emergency Medical Assistance


Medipac is among the few travel insurance providers equipped with a staff of qualified medical professionals. They also have their own Medipac Helpline. Medipac’s medical experts are the first line to contact when you need medical assistance in an emergency. The service can also help deal with medical systems overseas and avoid unnecessary expenses in the event of a high deductible.

This insurance company provides various competitive benefits in its travel plans, including no age limitations, a no-claim discount, and a 90-day time frame for stabilization for most pre-existing medical conditions. Suppose your medical condition isn’t covered under regular Medipac coverage. In that case, Medipac also offers personalized insurance policies underwritten by a doctor to assist you in meeting your requirements.

The provider also offers a 5 percent vaccine discount for customers who have had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, along with the brand MedipacMAX new option. The COVID insurance policy provides protection of 5 million dollars for COVID-19. It also comes with additional benefits.


Medipac travel insurance


Choosing the right travel insurance provider depends on your needs, profile, and preferences. Hopefully, this article helped you learn more. Choose wisely!

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