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Top 15 Highest Paying Careers in the US

#15 – Judges – $148,030/year

Judges aren’t only swinging the gavel. Judges also hold hearings and determine the relevance of the information they receive. They apply laws and precedents to make decisions and offer opinions regarding the dispute case. Judges must also guide the jury when appointed to decide on the subject. The judge makes the final decision when there’s no juror. They ensure that hearings and trials are conducted with fairness, and the rights of everyone involved are respected.highest paying careersEducation: Judges have had a lot of success as lawyers before becoming judges. Law school is essential for the job and a perfect record of practice. Most judges are elected or appointed, and there’s some politics when it comes to obtaining the bench. They are selected for terms between 4 to 14 years. A few judges get appointed to serve for the duration of their lives.


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